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Do i need Spanish Private Health Insurance for my Visa?

Spanish Private Health insurance is one of the main requirements when applying for Residency, Non lucrative Visas , Golden Visas and Student visas etc.

Since Brexit we have had a large amount of enquiries and allot of our clients who are not using a Local Spanish Gestoria was unsure which policy to take out for their applications. Expensive lesson to learn if you take the wrong one !

The main requirements are:

  • Fully inclusive

  • No Co-payments (co pago)

  • No Exclusions

  • Annual policy

  • Annual premiums (not monthly)

  • Repatriation ( some consulates may ask for this)

Our clients value the importance of having private health care and opt to extend their polices after one year!

All our policies includes dental care and international travel assistance for 180 days ! This includes repatriation when traveling.

We urge all our clients to include a Funeral plan when applying for Private health Care. Our funeral cover has low monthly premiums and offers the following:

ACCOMPANIMENT: your family will be helped by a professional manager.

SUPPORT: attention, management and provision of funeral services.

FREE CHOICE: conditioning, transfer and burial in the cemetery selected in Spain.

TRAVEL WITH PEACE OF MIND because, in an emergency, we cover medical expenses up to 18,000 euros.

LEGAL ADVICE over the phone for everyday legal queries.

Specialised PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT in person and over the phone, for grief and palliative care.

REPATRIATION of foreign residents: processes and expenses, including a companion.

ONLINE WILL with advice from a lawyer and on notarial fees.

ERASURE OF DIGITAL IDENTITY: final management of social networks, emails, files in the cloud...

Much more..

White Rock Insurance and services are exclusive DKV agents in Spain and are fluent in English.

You can find White Rock Group Spain -

White Rock Group Services Immigration to Spain

We look forward to helping you !

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